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Our practice encourages virtual consultations and follow-up appointments in order to minimize person contact. We use Doxy, a telemedicine service compliant with HIPPA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA and HITECH. Doxy allows the doctor to speak with the patient over a secure/protected site. The service does not require any application download and can be used on any smartphone or computer with a video and microphone.

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About Pacific Ketamine Group

Pacific Ketamine Group cares as much about you as you do. Our practice treats patients suffering from painful conditions, major depressive disorders, post-traumatic stress and severe anxiety with Ketamine Infusion Therapy. When a patient has not responded to in-patient therapy, medicine, or other forms of treatments, Ketamine infusions should be considered as the next step. Our compassionate team has extensive experience providing Ketamine treatments that will enhance your life and help you feel better.

Why Choose Pacific Ketamine Group

Most people dealing with chronic pain or mental health issues may not have the patience to look for the best doctor in the field. There are many practices to choose from in the South Bay area, however, not all practices are the same. Here is why we stand out against the competition.

We Are Experts in Our Field

Our staff is highly experienced in working with chronic pain and psychiatry patients. Dr. Ananth is double-board-certified in Pain Management and Psychiatry and specializes in Ketamine Infusion Therapy. His unique combination of experience and education in both pain management and psychiatry makes him especially well-suited to provide effective Ketamine Infusion Therapy treatments.

We Specialize in Mental Health and Pain Management

Our practice differs from other practices because we understand that mental health and pain management often go hand-in-hand. Our primary focus is the overall well-being of the patient and our approach to medicine is very holistic with the patient’s best interest in mind. We are very knowledgeable on mental health and chronic pain patients because we see patients suffering from these conditions daily.

We Care

Dealing with pain and mental illness can take a toll on a person’s overall well-being. Most large hospitals cannot offer the support and care that we can. The patients we care for are under an immense amount of stress, our approach to patient care is sensitive to your situation. We treat every patient with the utmost respect and care. Our goal is to continue working with you until we can diagnose and resolve the underlying issue.

Our Facility

The Pacific Ketamine Group facility prides itself in its advanced equipment and modern technology that are consistently updated for the most efficient and effective pain management and psychiatric treatments. This includes advanced diagnostic facilities, comfortable procedure suites, fully equipped examination rooms, and access to free Wi-Fi. Our experienced pain management and psychiatric specialists implement state-of-the-art techniques and utilize high-quality equipment to ensure safe, quality care for all patients.

We are in-network with many major health insurance providers. Not only will you get the best quality care with Pacific Pain and Wellness, but a peace of mind for a lower cost. Don`t see your insurance listed? Contact us now at 310-928-6863 to see if we take your insurance provider.

Meet Dr. Kartik Ananth, MD, MBA

Pain Management Physician & Psychiatrist

Meet Pacific Pain & Wellness Group’s double-certified Pain Management Doctor and Neuropsychiatrist in Torrance, Dr. Kartik Ananth, who specializes in Ketamine Infusion Therapy. His unique combination of experience and education in both pain management and psychiatry makes him especially well-suited to provide Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Dr. Ananth is the founder of Pacific Pain & Wellness Group, a multi-specialty practice based in Torrance, CA.

What We Treat

Pacific Ketamine Group is a trusted clinic serving residents of Torrance, California. We provide a wide variety of treatments for many different ailments and health issues. In the following sections we will go over some of our specialized services. 

We Are Here for You Every Step of the Way

There’s nothing better than getting your life back after suffering with chronic pain or an unmanaged mental health disorder. Your whole self can be affected in mind, body, and spirit. We want better for you.

At Pacific Ketamine Group, we care as much about you as you do. Our individualized approach offers you exactly what is needed to fit your unique condition. Give us a call today at (310) 928-6863 to learn more about whether ketamine infusion therapy is the right option for you.

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